Thursday, September 20, 2007

MediaRoll Those Screencasts into One Widget has added a new feature to help users share their screencasts with others. If you remember, I posted previously about Jing, a TechSmith project that allows for you to easily create screencasts on both the Mac and PC. Screencasts created with Jing can be easily uploaded to and shared quickly. Now they've added the MediaRoll:
The new MediaRoll organizes your files into a sleek, presentable Flash widget that can be embedded on a blog or Web site. It's like a blogroll...for media files.
Here's my MediaRoll with a few podcasting screencasts I've created. I'll add the others later, and this roll will automatically update. This is cool.

Podcasting Question

I've been doing the podcasting series this fall in the district, and it has been going well. The sessions have been full, both at SCC and Rio. This Friday we will be at GCC for Session II: Creating Audio for a Podcast. Workshop starts at 2pm in the Library classroom, LMC-138. The session is full, but if you're on campus, poke your head in and share a computer with someone.

I've been getting some good questions, so I decided I would post a few here on the blog. This questions is from Kim at CGCC. She asks:
I made a podcast in Garageband (I'm in your workshop this fall) for the upcoming
Oct session. But I don't know how to save it as a MP3 file in Garageband.
Save as just asks for a "where" not a type of file.
Here's the answer to Kim's question, as well as a screencast to guide her through the steps:
In Garageband, you want to "share" your podcast to iTunes. It will save it in the AAC format, which is good if you have an "enhanced" podcast - slides and chapters. If it is just audio, then you can convert the file in iTunes to mp3. If you don't convert it to mp3, it is still good for a podcast, although listeners can only listen to it in itunes.

To convert: Once the file is in iTunes, all you have to do is choose the file and then click on the Advanced tab at the top. Scroll down and choose Convert to mp3. You have to set your preferences first. Watch this 2 minute screencast to see how it is done: