Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Love Mosaics

Mosaics are awesome if you understand the concept behind them. I can say I didn't really understand how they worked until recently. While under orders from Christine to play around and have fun "in the spirit of the 7 1/2th Habit," I lost myself in web 2.0 for about 2 hours. I made badges, buttons, favicons, warning signs, email icons, book covers and finally mosaics.
Images used in the creation of image mosaics are collected from Flickr and copyright of their respective owners.
So here's my face made up from a collection of smaller photos gathered from Flickr. The mosaic was created using The Image Mosaic Generator. If you click on the image and blow it up to 100%, you will see that the part of the red in my lips is made from a red stop sign and my nose has a Shell sign on it. My face is made up of a conglomeration of things including a cat, many body parts, and hundreds of faces. It's so cool that it still looks like me. I guess that's the whole idea of a mosaic.

Here are some cool mosaic links to explore:

I have a large blank white wall in my new office at SMC that I need to decorate. I left it blank for a whole semester because I wasn't sure I was staying. I think I might just create a huge mosaic with The Rasterbator to fill that wall. The mailable mosaic is a great idea too. It would be fun to send C's mother in NJ a collection of postcards that she can piece together in a mosaic once she gets them all. So many ideas, so little time. I hope you have as much fun playing as I did.

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